Your energy is more than just your bill

Outsmarting energy prices, what an opportunity!

Energy prices can vary greatly throughout the year, across the week, and especially during the day. With a dynamic contract, you can even have prices as low as -0.51. These differences can, of course, be either positive or negative, especially if you don’t actively take advantage of them

Why are there price differences?

Price variations in the energy market are influenced by various factors, including energy production costs, supply and demand, geopolitical events, taxes and regulations, and the specific energy source mix in your region. These variables can fluctuate and result in price fluctuations.

Some of these factors can be predicted in the short term, but the actual situation can always deviate. For the energy market, it’s crucial that supply and demand remain balanced and that the frequency remains stable. To assist grid operators in achieving this, you can participate in various markets/products.

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What types of markets exists?

There are various markets and mechanisms used to stabilize the energy market. Examples include:



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With the right technologies, strategies, and batteries, you can seize the opportunities presented by the energy market. Smart software plays a crucial role in this process.

We can handle this for you, making smart purchases and sales in markets like:

  1. Imbalance Market
  2. Intraday


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To secure the best energy prices for you, we take your specific situation into account. For both buying and selling, we consider:

  1. Battery capacity (including depreciation and efficiency).
  2. Market expectations (forecasts, generation, and consumption – location-specific).
  3. Prices.
  4. Any existing contract agreements

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© 2024 EddyGrid. All Rights Reserved.