How are you using your grid connection?

Make better use of your data and understand your energy consumption patterns even better. With our free analysis, you will see your energy usage, peaks and with that pain points, for every 15 minutes. This way, you will know exactly when you are using a lot of electricity so you can anticipate it. This will help you save money quickly, become more sustainable, and prevent issues with your grid operator.


Free insight in your energy profile​

We have noticed that many businesses want to work on their energy consumption, either because grid congestion leaves them with no other option or they want to better utilize energy capacity. But where to start?

In this case, knowledge is power, and the first step is creating insight. We provide you with the tools to easily visualize your energy consumption profile and peak loads.

You can now effortlessly and at no cost make use of our service. Sign up via the button, upload your data, and receive login credentials for your personal dashboard.

More insights


Create your insight in just 4 steps:

Step 1.

Sign up via the button below. Simply click on the button and you will be taken directly to the registration page of our dashboard. Here, you can easily register your company and receive a free account.

Step. 2

Upload your quarter-hour data. Upload the quarter-hour data you have received from your energy supplier or measurement company. This can be a CSV or xlsx file. Additionally, please fill in your contracted grid capacity.

Step 3.

A clear overview. We transform your data into a readable summary. This way, you can immediately see when you are approaching your limits and where there is still room to spare. This not only helps you avoid fines from your grid operator but also enables you to make smart energy management decisions.

Step 4.

Expand or save. We would love to show you where opportunities may lie. For instance, if you want to expand but are limited by your contracted grid capacity, we can demonstrate within the same dashboard how we can assist you with this. Similarly, if your goal is to save money on your energy bill, there are often promising opportunities to explore.


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© 2024 EddyGrid. All Rights Reserved.