I have excess capacity

If you’re not fully utilizing your grid connection, you have excess capacity. By using that capacity and a battery to help balance the grid, you can earn a lot of money. With Eddy Grid’s smart energy management, you get the highest return from your connection and your battery, while also making more room on the grid for solar and wind energy. Want to know how much you can earn with your connection? Take the quick scan.

Contracted grid capacity

Every company has a grid connection through which a certain amount of electricity can flow. Companies with a high-consumption connection negotiate the ‘contracted capacity’ with the grid operator in a contract. When you use less than the contracted capacity, you have excess capacity. With a battery and the unused capacity, you can assist TenneT and regional grid operators in balancing the power grid; you get paid well for that.


A battery that helps balance the grid can generate substantial income. For example, our algorithm could generate an average of €300,000 per MW in revenue over the past three years. This means that if you have 1 MW of excess capacity and a battery with 1 MW of capacity and 2 MWh of capacity, the gross revenues from 2021 to 2023 averaged €300,000 per year.

At Eddy Grid, we are constantly improving our algorithms, ensuring that our customers’ batteries make smarter choices over time.

Energy trading with Eddy Grid

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Speed and transparancy

At Eddy Grid, we place great value on speed and transparency. We respond promptly and develop our algorithm faster than anyone else. Additionally, we are completely honest because we simply have a good product. We provide insight into all revenues and costs, so there are no surprises. We only take 10% of the revenues after deducting the costs. This way, we share in the costs and have the lowest margin in the market.

Get started without investment?

Batteries can generate a lot of revenue, but purchasing your own battery requires an investment. Together with our partner Skoon, a rental platform for batteries, we temporarily install batteries when they are not currently rented out. We place the batteries at locations where there is available capacity. As a location, you receive a portion of the revenues for making your connection available. This way, no batteries remain unused, the location turns a cost into a source of income, and we help to keep the grid balanced. So, it’s a win-win-win situation.

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© 2024 EddyGrid. All Rights Reserved.