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Eddy Grid’s solution helps maximize our clients’ earning potential in these three cases. Take our quickscan to see how we can help you:

We make our customers a lot of money...

… by managing their batteries. And we only take a small portion of the earnings.

With Eddy Grid, we believe that the energy transition can and must be accelerated. That’s why we manage batteries and achieve a high return from the battery with our algorithm. By significantly shortening the payback period, it becomes attractive for many companies to purchase a battery themselves. Want to know how much you could earn with a battery? Then do the quick scan now!

With Eddy Grid you choose: 

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Interested in becoming part of our mission? Take a look at our current vacancies. Not an immediate match yet, but still interested? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Controller at Eddy Grid  

Do you want to facilitate business insights and oversee the finances and forecasts of a sustainable energy company? Then we are looking for you!

Sales Internship at Eddy Grid  

As our sales intern you get the opportunity to delve into all aspects of sales at a growing company that is committed to make a change in the energy transition.

Communication Internship at Eddy Grid  

Be an early driver of growth by setting up communication channels and strategy both internally and externally and see the fruits of your labors in realtime.

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‘With every battery we solve an immediate problem for our customer while directly contributing to sustainable future. That's what motivates us every day’
COO Eddy Grid
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© 2024 EddyGrid. All Rights Reserved.