What is imbalance?

It is not possible to store energy on the power grid. Therefore, supply and demand must always be perfectly balanced. If there is too much electricity on the grid, there is a risk that, for example, your lights will break. If there is too little electricity on the grid, there is a risk of power outages.

The markets where energy is traded to create this balance are called ‘imbalance markets.’ Eddy Grid’s algorithm trades on various markets, thereby ensuring a high return from your battery

When and how does imbalance occur?

Imbalance in the energy market occurs when the demand for electricity is not aligned with the supply. This can have various causes, including seasonal changes in energy consumption, unexpected spikes in demand or supply, and disruptions in energy infrastructure such as electricity grids. An important contributing factor to imbalance is the growth of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy, which rely on variable weather conditions and are therefore more difficult to predict than traditional energy sources such as coal or gas.

Currently, imbalance in the energy market poses a problem as it can jeopardize the stability of the electricity grid. When an unexpected shortage or surplus of energy occurs, it can lead to power outages, higher costs for energy companies, and even disruptions in the supply to businesses and consumers. Moreover, imbalance can result in inefficient use of energy resources and higher CO2 emissions, as power plants may need to be activated quickly to provide additional electricity

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Despite the challenges, imbalance in the energy market also presents opportunities to make money. Companies that are flexible in their energy consumption can benefit by using energy when demand is low and rates are lower. Additionally, storing energy in a battery can help restore balance; by storing excess energy when supply is high and releasing it when demand increases.



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With our algorithm, we control batteries. We charge your battery when prices are low, and sometimes even negative. We discharge your battery when the price is high, allowing you to sell the electricity back at the best rate.

At Eddy Grid, we are constantly improving. We find ways to make our algorithm just a bit smarter, looking for the best market to add, thus increasing the revenue per MW each time. If we manage your battery, you benefit immediately.


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To secure the best energy prices for you, we take your specific situation into account. For both buying and selling, we consider:

  1. Battery capacity (including depreciation and efficiency).
  2. Market expectations (forecasts, generation, and consumption – location-specific).
  3. Prices
  4. Any existing contract agreements

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© 2024 EddyGrid. All Rights Reserved.